When you have created your web page, be it personal or business, you will need to make it visible, so that more people who type certain words in the search engine, have a greater probability of finding your site on the internet at the suggestion of the search engine.

For this purpose, there are two alternatives, using an SEM or making use of an SEO, which, although they may be a fairly similar concept, the reality is that they have differences in vital points.

This time we are going to tell you what these differences are and which of the two services is more convenient.

Differences between SEM and SEO

SEM or Search Engine Marketing, that is, search engine marketing, is a set of techniques where, through advertising campaigns for audiovisual ads, it is sought that there is greater visibility of a web page, the famous advertising spots that appear in the videos or web pages they are the product of an SEM
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, that is, search engine optimization, makes use of digital techniques to increase the number of times that a web page appears among the first results of a search engine when entering keywords.

The main difference between SEM and SEO is, consequently, the way in which the website is advertised, one uses ads and the other uses search results.

Which is better?

At the moment of truth, for many people, ads can be extremely annoying, because sometimes, they feel that, when they put a video on a specific page, they see a good amount of these, which, often, they cannot be skipped.

Therefore, SEO is much better than SEM, because although it does not guarantee as many results, since it is based solely on search engine keywords, it makes a product more attractive, since a commercial repeated a thousand times makes people dislike what they promote.