SEM Service (Advertising Campaign on Facebook and Google)

Search engine marketing or SEM is an important way to grow your business on competitive platforms. Several businesses are trying to promote themselves in the competitive marketplace.  JonMar provides an effective search engine marketing campaign to enhance your business strength and promote your products in the marketplace. SEM is a paid advertisement process to achieve more traffic on search engines such as Google and Bing. It is also an advertising campaign on Facebook.

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What are the Services We Providing about SEM Service?

  • Enhance visibility on search engines through paid advertisement (Google, Bing)
  • Improve transactional searches
  • Gain high-quality traffic
  • Increase revenue and sales
  • Increase the presence of a brand
  • Impressive return on investment (ROI)
What are the Services We Providing about SEM Service

Some other important services JonMar provide about SEM are

1- Google Ads

We JonMar focuses on the right campaign objective, narrowing down the perfect audience, focusing on the depth keyword research, and an impressive ad placing. Google ads are based on search queries of users.

3- SEO Service

 Our search engine marketing service focuses on the perfect keyword, write the relevant material, and optimize page structure.

2- Facebook Ads

We build a Facebook marketing strategy where we can get the focus points of the targeted audience. Facebook ads are always run according to the behavior and interests of users. We also try to read out the minds of users.

4- Link-Building and Content Outreach strategy

Are you serious about content quality? Content is everything. If you want content outreach service and a range of link-building, our expert team is ready to customize your target.

Through SEM, many companies advertise their services in search engine results. So these companies earn a prominent result on search pages. This process is not expensive but earning is in the large amount.  We JonMar use the following features in the SEM campaign.

  • Ad groups
  • Campaigns
  • Account

If you want to launch an SEM campaign, then you must use ad groups and campaigns together. We can use the search engine marketing service for the following facts.

  • About 45% of page clicks move to the top ads in search engine results
  • The company earned $2 for $1 on paid campaign
  • Most of the users who click on running ads to make a purchase
  • More than 80% of people start online research for desired products

If your business ignores a Search engine marketing campaign, it is a severe loss for your business. All the popular businesses use SEO and SEM together to gain more traffic.

Why should you contact JonMar for SEM Service?

1-Quick Results

Our company is responsible for the quick results after your SEM campaigns. Results will appear within a short time. It means that your products achieve targeted visibility and impressive sales.

2-Laser-focused Targeting Options

We get laser-focused targeting options based on location, interests, and search queries of people. In this way, people will visit your business to purchase your services and products.

3- Affordable

Our SEM service is not so expensive. Every small business owner easily affords for SEM campaign. That’s why our service is working globally. First, your ads run on search engines without spending a little penny. When users click on the ads, then you will be charged.

4- Certified Team

Our team is a certified expert and also serves you in your house through extension. We serve you according to your demands with the required expertise and productivity.

Why Us?

It is clear that through SEM, you can achieve the final target. But paid social and paid search requires many experiments before use. JonMar performs experiments before the SEM campaign and gives surety of 100% authentic results. The choice of a business depends on its objective and targeted audience. We use these things for a successful SEM campaign and returns on investment. Our main mission is to gain the trust of customers and provide them original and authentic results.

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