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Un logotipo debe diseñarse de manera profesional para que su empresa se destaque en un mercado abarrotado.

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La identidad de marca elegante juega un papel principal a la hora de atraer al cliente objetivo para que invierta en sus productos, por lo que debe desarrollarse profesionalmente para que su negocio se destaque.

En consecuencia, con un equipo de mentes altamente creativas, JonMar es una agencia de diseño de logotipos reconocida en los Estados Unidos que crea hermosos diseños de logotipos de empresas para clientes de todo el mundo.

Logo Design Service

How JonMar Logo Design Agency Works

Share your criteria
  • Share your criteria

Our talented logo designers make it simplify each of our clients to explain their company logo design while staying within their budget.

A slew of core ideas
  • A slew of core ideas

We generate a slew of ideas for developing distinct brand identities with our experienced logo designer’s help.

Design your perfect logo
  • Design your perfect logo

Our designers will give you the final file of your logo design online with full copyright until you approve the final draft.

7 Types of logos which we work on

1. Abstract mark

It’s an abstract geometric shape representing your business rather than a recognizable image like an apple or a bird. The Pepsi divided circle, and the stripy Adidas flower is two well-known examples. Like all logo symbols, abstract marks function well because they condense the brand into a single image. On the other hand, abstract logos allow you to create something completely original to reflect your brand rather than being limited to an image of something recognizable.

4. Emblem logo

Badges, seals, and crests are examples of emblem logos, consisting of font inside a symbol or icon. These logos have a more conventional look to them, which can have a powerful effect. Some companies have successfully modernized the traditional emblem look with 21st-century logo designs (think of Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem or Harley-famous Davidson’s crest).

2. Mascot logo

Mascot logos are those that feature a cartoon character. The mascot logo is a perfect way to build your brand spokesperson. It’s always vibrant, often cartoonish, and always fun. Colonel KFC and Mr. Peanut from Planter’s are two well-known mascots’ logos.

5. Letter mark

Letter marks or monogram logos are logos made up of letters, typically brand initials. IBM, CNN, HP, and HBO are some of the most well-known companies in the world.

3. Combination mark

A logo that combines a hybrid word mark or letter mark with a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot is known as a combination mark. The image and text may be placed next to each other, stacked on top of each other, or combined to form an image. Doritos and Burger King are two well-known mix label logos.

6. Pictorial mark

A pictorial mark is a graphics-based logo or emblem. When you think of “logo,” you possibly think of the classic Apple logo, the Twitter eagle. Any of these companies’ logos is so iconic, and each brand is so well-known that just seeing the mark is enough to recognize it.

7. Word mark

A word mark is a font logo that focuses solely on a company’s name. The Google logo is an excellent example of this.

Why you choose JonMar Logo Design Services

Exceptional Customization

JonMar creates incredible concepts that leave an indelible impression on our customers’ minds.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our main goal at JonMar is to please our customers, and if they have any questions or concerns, they can be resolved within 24 hours. Our customers also trust us because of our high-quality work.

The Price that is fair

We have the most competitive pricing and believe in supplying our customers with high-quality designs at a reasonable cost.

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